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We are a dynamic team that have a wealth of knowledge and experience between us. We are all passionate about building and improving bonds between dogs and their owners.  We pride ourselves on making training interesting and fun, and strive to ensure our clients and their dogs have the best experience possible.

We provide a good range of training classes, seminars and workshops in local communities which are of great benefit to people and their dogs; helping people to have dogs with good manners in the real world and to prevent problem behaviours.

Our classes

Tuesday (50 mins)

16:45, 18:00 and 19:15

College of Animal Welfare, WF3 1DR

Wednesday (50 mins)

16:45, 18:00 and 19:15

Dogs Trust Leeds, LS15 4NL

Thursday (50 mins)

 16:45, 18:00 and 19:15

Pool In Wharfedale Village Hall, LS21 1RY

Friday (50 mins) 

16:45, 18:00 and 19:15

Dogs Trust Leeds, LS15 4NL

Saturday (50 mins)

 08:00, 09:00 and 10:00

Dogs Trust Leeds, LS15 4NL

Saturday (50 mins)

 13:00, 14:15 and 15:30

The College of Animal Welfare, WF3 1DR

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Get in touch

Head coach: Louise Hart

T: 01132 814933

M: 07393 140408

Senior coach: Rachel Vasey

T: 01132 814941

Coach: Rebecca Wheldon

T: 01132 814941

Please email us with your enquiry at:

Trainers' profiles

Head Coach Louise has a BSc in Canine Behaviour & Training which she achieved whilst working full time in an assistance dog organisation. Louise has dedicated over 20 years working within a variety of assistance dog organisations.  Louise also ran her own small rescue helping rehabilitate and rehome Working Sheepdogs and Border Collies for several years. Louise was a School Governor for 7 years and has a good understanding of teaching and education practices.


Louise currently competes in dog sports to championship level with her dogs and also trains with her dogs herding sheep.

Senior Coach Rachel has a BSC (Hons) in Animal Management and during her last year of University enjoyed completing her dissertation on the subject of improving dog welfare and behaviour in the kennel setting whilst working as a Canine Carer for Dogs Trust.


In total, Rachel has 7 years’ experience working in training and behaviour within a rescue setting and prior to working for Dogs Trust Rachel dedicated her time to volunteering at the local pound where she helped rehabilitate and rehome many stray and abandoned dogs.


Working within the rescue environment for so long, Rachel has fallen in love with many dogs that have come and gone but two struck her heart the most, a Pug called Mary-Lou and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Mila who now live with Rachel alongside her two rescue rabbits, Moss and Minnie.


In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the countryside in search for new and exciting dog walks and also enjoys attending, competing and training her two dogs in dog sports.


Coach Beckie has achieved a Certificate of Higher Education in Bio-Veterinary Science and also holds a diploma in Animal Management. Beckie is looking forward to expanding her knowledge further in September when she starts University to study Behaviour and Training.

 Beckie has 4 years’ experience working in a kennel environment and had many regular visitors she enjoyed spending her days with, treating them to long walks around the local countryside. Beckie also spent time volunteering at a variety of rescue centres where she enjoyed ensuring the welfare of the long term dogs in conjunction with enhancing her learning by shadowing the Training and Behaviorists working within the rescue.

Beckie’s childhood dog is a Jack Russell Terrier called Rooney and is now is facing his senior years but still enjoys running around the beach with his younger brother Buzz the Border Collie. Beckie likes to keep busy competing Buzz in a variety of dog sports and often goes running with him.


Tracey has enjoyed the company of dogs all of her life and for the past five years Tracey has developed her skills in training due to rescuing her first dog, Harvey. Harvey has inspired Tracey to come up with new and exciting training exercises to keep up with his bouncy, excitable energy which comes in handy when helping owners train their own ‘Harvey’ in class. On the flip side, two years ago Tracey fell in love with a rescued Romanian called Bertie who was very worried about the world and has had to develop his confidence greatly since. Due to this, Tracey is compassionate and understands the training needs for dogs which are lacking in confidence.

Tracey originally volunteered for Dog School Leeds and gave up over three hundred and fifty hours of her time helping coaches in class which is where her passion for Dog School began. When a job came up to join the Leeds team she could not say no! Looking a few months ahead and Tracey is enjoying expanding her knowledge further and excited about her continued personal development.

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