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We offer an exciting opportunity to create a loving and trusting relationship between you and your canine companion. Our classes help you do this by making it positive and fun. Not only do we provide group training classes, we can assist if you would like individual help with a training issue.


Dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and ages are welcome to come along to Dog School Northern Ireland. 

Our classes

Monday (50 mins)

18:00 and 19:15

Duncairn Community Centre, Belfast

Tuesday (50 mins)

16:00, 17:15, 18:30 and 19:45

Dogs Trust Ballymena

Wednesday (50 mins)

09:30 and 10:45

Dogs Trust Ballymena

Thursday (50 mins)


Dogs Trust Ballymena

Saturday (50 mins)

09:00, 10:15, 11:30, 13:00 and 14:15

Young Farmers Hall, Antrim

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Get in touch

Head coach: Lisa Doyle

M: 07715 654645

Senior Coach: Janine Brownlees

M: 07715 654650

Coach: Sascha Cox

M: 07715 654650

Please email us with your enquiry at:

Trainers' profiles

Lisa is originally from County Wexford and is a graduate of Harper Adams University, where she gained her BSc degree in Animal Behaviour & Welfare. Following her graduation she moved to Ballymena where she started working for Dogs Trust as an Adoption Adviser, moving to Dog School shortly after.


Lisa has a dog called Fenton who is a 2 year old Collie/Akita mix that she adopted from Dogs Trust.  Lisa is currently working towards her APDT membership to enhance her training skills. She plays camogie in her spare time and enjoys training and spending time with her dog. 

Janine has worked for 15 years as a veterinary receptionist, with various kennel duties and she also trained as a pet insurance advisor. Janine has a diploma with distinction in canine behaviour and psychology.


In her spare time she trained her rescue dogs to a high standard in competitive obedience and represented Northern Ireland at Crufts several times with two different dogs. After retiring these dogs from competition she turned her attentions to rescue work and fostering.  This is where her love of border collies really started! She lives with her partner (who also works for an animal charity) and their 3 collies, 1 staffie, hens, guinea pigs and a cat!

Sascha is a graduate of Queens University Belfast where she undertook her Bachelors degree in Psychology and then her Masters degree in Animal Behaviour & Welfare. She has carried out research with Barbary Lions and trained Zebrafish using Positive Reinforcement Training. She also undertook a placement at Belfast Zoo where she shadowed Zookeepers to learn about animal husbandry in a zoo environment.


Sascha currently has one dog – a pound puppy called Bailey, whose breed is a mystery.

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Jul, 2017

Dog School Northern Ireland - Family Dog Training Class

Dogs Trust Ballymena | Friday 14 Jul 2017, 11:30

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